Planting Schemes & Designs

Evans Above can provide you with a complete new planting scheme designed to suit your preferences and your garden, or we can just advise you on additions or modifications to an existing layout.

From basic planting schemes, to more elaborate planting designs or mood setting arrangements, we can:

  • Provide you with help and advice
  • Design the planting scheme
  • Supply the plants
  • Conduct the planting & initial feeding

When choosing the right plants for your garden, you need to be aware of things such as your soil type, the amount of light reaching the flower beds, the aspect of your garden, and whether the beds are sheltered or exposed. If you need help in determining this information, we can conduct a garden survey and provide you with a personalised report.

Planting Schemes

When designing your planting layout, consider using ground cover plants to reduce weeding, architectural plants to introduce focal points, and plants to add year round colour, shape and height to your garden.

Get your Free Estimate

We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, depending on your garden design, the amount of light neighbouring plants require and your cost restrictions. Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now. Our advice is free!

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