Full Garden Design Services

To begin with, we will make a free consultation visit to your garden to note the dimensions and listen to your ideas and reqirements. We will discuss whether you want the full garden redesigned, or just certain areas of it. We will also advise you on the types of materials you could use to keep your design within budget.

It is very important to consider all the uses to which the garden will be put before any work starts. Rework can prove very expensive, time consuming and frustrating. Even if you intend to construct or plant your garden in stages, you should start with an overall garden plan to avoid mistakes. Why not take a look at our brief checklist of what to consider when you are planning your garden.

On request, we can undertake a garden survey of the characteristics of your garden. This will be useful in deciding where to place the elements of your design, and will also be of great help to you when choosing which plants to place where.

The next stage is to produce a series of outline plans from which you can select your preferred design. Each plan we produce will show the shapes and major structures of your potential new garden, and will give you a good idea of what the finished garden will look like.

Once the final outline plan is agreed, we will then produce a professional working plan. This involves creating a scale drawing which will be used during construction to position all of the elements of your plan accurately. You may also want Evans Above to draw up a planting plan, showing exactly what to plant where, and also how many plants to buy. We can also advise on where to buy the plants, or purchase and plant them on your behalf.

Constructing the Design

Evans Above offers a comprehensive landscaping service which can include, design, construction and maintenance. To get an idea of the options available to you, browse through our Garden Landscaping pages.

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